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With all my health issues over the past twenty years, I have seen a lot of doctors. I have been hospitalized numerous times and I have taken a lot of different medications. I can barely remember what I had for lunch, never mind the name of a specialist I saw five years ago! That is why I have designed a small journal to help keep track of appointments, doctors, hospitals, and more.

This book has a personal page in the beginning to record some quick personal information – Name, birth date, primary doctor, emergency contact and those sorts of personal information. Next is a list of potential specialists you may have contact information for in the back of the book… so you will know right away if you already have the information of a cardiologist before you look one up online. Then there are the appointment pages. This section makes up a lot of the book. These pages are designed to record the date and time of an appointment, jot down any issues you want to be sure to bring up with your doctor, keep track of what you actually discussed at the appointment, record you vitals for future comparison, note the next appointment with that doctor and note any instructions, med changes or follow-up questions.

After the appointment journaling pages, there are some surgery and procedure journaling pages. These allow you to keep track of any and all procedures and surgeries, not matter how small. I am always asked about these things and can never remember what year which procedure was done and never have any memory of the name of the surgeon. These pages make all that information easy to keep close at hand.

The next several pages are the Directory of Doctors. Each page allows a user to record all the contact information for each of their many doctors… the name of the practice, address, directions, phone number, web site, co-pay information and the date of many visits.
There is a hospital directory after the doctor’s pages. Knowing that pre-registration number can be a big help!

The final pages in the book are a quick reference guide to common phone numbers you want to keep handy, a vaccination record and quick health history.

I think this book could be a huge help to anyone who sees doctors on a regular basis. Even those with few medical issues can record their appointment information; it must be even harder to remember when you go years between visits!

To pick up a copy for yourself or a loved one… CLICK HERE


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